Artist – Alessandro Boschi / Italy

Alessandro Boschi

Cafe Del Marのコンピレーションにて、数々の楽曲をリリースしているAlessandro Boschi.


制作する楽曲には、チルアウトから、アンビエント、チル・ハウス、ジャズ、フラメンコ、映画音楽など、様々な音楽性を散りばめ、Alessandro Boschiならではの世界観を出している.

現在は、音楽家としても、オーディオエンジニアとしても活躍. これからも期待されるアーティストである


Alessandro Boschi is a complex artist with great sensibility and humanity.
Musician, composer, audio engineer and producer.After having worked for many years as head electric engineer, now he can dedicate himself completely to his great passion of the life: the music.
He have study piano at the conservatory as flamenco guitar and flamenco at Center of study of Flamenco University of Granada.

He work completely alone at the music production in his modest private recording studio.
All notes, percussions and instruments are writed, programmed, performed, mixed and mastered by Alex.
The music production includes chillout , ambient , chill house , jazz , flamenco , pop rock and film score music.