Artist – Cantoma(カントマ)/ UK

Cantoma / UK

イギリスにおける、バレアリック・シーンを代表するアーティスト Phil Misonこと Cantoma.

1991年 DJとしてのキャリアを始めたPhil Misonは、世界中のクラブ、イベントにてプレイ。その後、音楽制作も始め、リアル・イビサなどのレーベルからリリース。


Mison, who began his storied DJ career at Londons famed Milk Bar in 1991 , segued into producing after a decade dj-ing around the world and touring with bands such as Leftfield. In 1995, he released the first of his Soundcolors compilation, the groundbreaking series that featured electronic music, mixed for mood over the traditional beat match.

Ten compilations later, including Real Ibiza compilations 3 through 7, Mison has exported this island flavor into crafting an original artist album. He also currently records as Reverso 68 and Frontera , with pete herbert.