Artist – Distant Fragment(ディスタント・フラグメント)/ Greece

Distant Fragment / Greece

非常に繊細な音作りを行う Distant Fragment. 他のダンスミュージック系のクリエイターとは異なり、ミドル・リフティングな曲から、ダウンテンポ、メローな曲まで、非常に才能溢れた音作りを行う事でも有名。

現在、Mystique Records、Tiestのレーベル Black Hole Recordingsなどから、数々の楽曲をリリースしている。

Nick Tsitlakidis was born in September 1985. His first contact with electronic music was at an early age when he first listened to The Prodigy.
Since then, he started loving electronic sounds and a few years later, he started his first attempts to express himself through sound. At age 15 he started creating his first loops, but with no conscious effect to define his own style of music.
Sasha’s album (Airdrawndagger) and Global Underground mixed compilations have been huge influences to his sound as a DJ and even more as a producer.

Years later, during the first months of 2005, Nick thought he should get some professional opinions about his music. So, he sent some of them to Andrew K and Kosmas Epsilon; both producers said very good things about his music so he started looking for labels to release his tunes.

After some digital releases on labels such as Hunya Munya and Fiberline Audio, the next release was a very successful vinyl release of Utopia, which was a collaboration with Steve Mill.
Utopia was released by T.U.S.O.M (The Underground Sound Of Madrid) and gained support by some of the biggest names out there such as Sultan and also it has been included in the Beat Freak Annual Collection with the most successful tracks of the Beat Freak Label Group.

These days he concentrates on his DJ sets using Ableton Live software and also spending time in the studio for his future releases. Nick also hosts his own radio show every month on Danceradio called Random Visions which includes a two hours DJ set mixed by him.
Future plans include releases of his tracks and remixes either on vinyl or digitally or as parts of compilations and who knows what is next.

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