Artist – Matt Cerf / US

Matt Cerf / US

Baroque, Armada, Somatic Sense, DeepBlue等からのリリース、またPaul van Dykのレーベルからもリリースし、数々のHIT曲を生み出しているMatt Cerf。

現在、Shawn Mitiska, Jarenとも活動。Light The Skiesが、Armin van Booren “A State of Trance 2007″にも収録されるなど数々の偉業を成し遂げている。また、Light The Skiesを始め、Me & You, The Maze, Bentなどをはじめとしたトラックでは、Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman, Desyn Masiello, Tiestoなど、ジャンルを問わず数々のアーティストにリスペクトされている。


DJ/Producer Matt Cerf started his career in 1998 after attending a rave during his Junior year at McGill University, in Montreal, where he was studying Agricultural Engineering.
He quickly dropped schooling to study the ins and outs of music production.
In 2000, he and three friends created the group Second Sun and Matt’s first track, Empire, quickly caught the attention of DJ Paul Van Dyk.
Empire was signed to Paul’s label, Vandit, and Second Sun appeared on Quebec’s version of MTV, Music Plus.
In 2002, Matt decided to go solo and started DJing. He honed his craft for several years as a producer and in 2004 met DJ/Producer Shawn Mitiska.
The duo collaborated on several remixes for artists like Serge Devant and Eelke Kleijn, landing themselves releases with some major dance labels.
In 2005, Matt Cerf met singer/songwriter Jaren. The two combined efforts with Shawn to create masterful originals like Let Me Breathe (Lost Language) and Light The Skies (Baroque).
Several more are scheduled for release within the year to labels like Somatic Sense and DeepBlue, so don’t be surprised when you hear his name in the upcoming weeks!