Artist – Rico Soarez ( Probspot ) / Sweden

Rico Soarez ( Probspot ) / Sweden

プログレッシブ・シーンを代表するアーティストでもある Rikard “Rico” Fredriksson

1996年に制作を始め、リリースした楽曲“flowerpower”が、スウェーデンの国営放送で流れるなど、数々の偉業を成し遂げている. その後、Find Records(ファインド・レコード)からリリースした楽曲が、Markus Schultz(マーカス・シュルツ)、Ben Lost(ベン・ロスト)、Niklas Harding(ニコラス・ハーディング)ら、プログレッシブ・トランスを代表するDJ達によってプレイされるなど、揺ぎ無い人気を高めていく.

現在、Markus Schulz(マーカス・シュルツ)、Paul Van Dyk(ポール・ヴァン・ダイク), Armin Van Buren(アーミン・ヴァン・ビューレン)、Paul Okenfold(ポール・オックンフォールド)、Above & Beyond(アバーブ・アンド・ベイヨンド)など、世界でも有数のトップ・プロデューサー、DJ達から制作依頼を受けている.


Swedish born, Rikard “Rico” Fredriksson started his first electronic project back in 1996.
Inspired by a close friend who was making trance music under the guise Antiloop, Rico started producing music of his own. A drum´n bass track called “flowerpower”, was chosen as “demo of the week” on Swedish national radio P3.
This sudden national support caused by this demo play, inspired Rico to take things to the next level and so he locked himself right back in his studio, determined to master the art of studio production further.

A few years, and a lot of learning later, Rico managed to get some remixes done for fellow swedish producers Antiloop and Pinnochio. Probspot’s first original release, “You and Me”, was released in 2002 on the North American label Dedicated Musique.
In 2003 Probspot won the remix competition of Solid Globe Northpole held by Fundamental recordings which resulted in a vinyl release. A Probspot track called You Want Me won a talent competition held by Hard To Find Records.

This resulted in lots of plays by DJs such as Markus Schultz, Ben Lost, Niklas Harding and James Cosgrove.
2004 started out big with an exclusive record deal with Lost Language, resulting in probspot album, organic waveforms mid 2005.
The much succsessful Foreplay EP was released in June 2004 and got great reviews from both DJs and producers. Another Probspot track called Blueberry got signed and released on Electronic Elements (Armada) and resulted in a new alias, Rico Soarez for upcoming productions on Armada. With lots of successful tracks and remixes and DJ support from Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buren, Paul Okenfold, Above & Beyond among others, Probspot is considerd one of the top producers within the edm community today.