Artist – Shawn Mitiska / US

Shawn Mitiska / US

Armin van Buurren、Above & Beyondからオーファーを受け、今や世界レベルのアーティストとなったShawn Mitiska。ヴォーカリストのJaren、DJ・アーティストのMatt Cerfと生み出したビッグヒット曲 Light The Skiesは、Armada からリリースされ、”Armada House”、”State Of Trance: 2007″に収録される。その他にも、Me & You、など優れた楽曲を数多く生み出している。彼自身でも、Markus Schulz、Jose Amnesia、Amnesia Brothers、DJ Shahなど、数多くの有名アーティストと楽曲を制作しリリースしている。現在、DJとしても世界中のクラブを飛び回り、世界を代表するインターネットラジオ上でも毎週何百人ものリスナーを惹きつけている

Upcoming producer and DJ Shawn Mitiska entered this world on January 28th, 1986. Throughout his life, Shawn has had a general love for sports, art, and music. Growing up, Shawn found his musical interests to be the likes of classic rock and early 90’s pop. As the times changed, Shawn’s musical interests progressed into the “electro rock” genre that included bands such as Orgy and Linkin Park. The beats and rhythms associated with the “electro rock” genre were the first electronica-related musical elements that would eventually lead to his love for dance music. Shawn then again shifted his musical focus from rock to hip, hop and tribal then expanded his palette to an even more beat-focused genre of music i.e. electronica.

Finally the day hit. A friend of Shawn’s gave him one of BT’s CDs and introduced Shawn to the song that would change his life forever. BT’s “Never Gonna Come Back Down” was the single song that sparked Shawn’s continuing love and dedication to the electronic music world. Shawn’s early electronic musical interests were caught by the trance community and the likes of such DJs and producers as Paul Oakenfold, DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, and Kimball Collins. Shawn’s desire and capability to DJ eventually pushed him to start his own radio show on the lesser-known Spitfire Radio. Shawn spun weekly on Spitfire and rapidly began to learn the ways and techniques of the Internet radio world. This experience allowed him to not only expand his knowledge of recognized electronic sub genres but also to broaden his skill as a DJ. Shawn looked to share his talent and expertise with an ever-growing community of fans and moved to the Altered States Lounge internet radio. ASL was Shawn’s first real radio station home where he established himself as one of ASL’s highly recognizable internet DJs spinning the sounds of trance music every Thursday night. Recognizing the need to move onto a larger internet radio, Shawn landed a show on Party107 where his “sound” and abilities both developed and matured immensely. Following in the likes and building off the enthusiasm of such star internet DJs as Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buurren, and Above & Beyond, Shawn has taken his talent to a point of excellent recognition in the electronic music community. With great music and an ever-increasing collection of extremely well-known guests, Shawn’s Soundscape & Hidrosis shows continues to amaze hundreds of listeners weekly on and

Even with his DJing and radio show responsibilities Shawn finds time to follow his other passion, production. It wasn’t until Shawn started a collaboration with friend and fellow producer, Nick Thompson, that Shawn’s talents started to shine. This collaboration became known as: Nightlight. Soon enough their first track, “For U,” was quickly picked up by none other than, Lost Language UK. With the excitement of “For U” still burning through his veins he and Nick jumped on remixing several tracks and coming up with future singles. As time progressed and Nightlight gained more exposure Shawn became more skilled in the art of production and to this date has signed tracks with labels such as Somatic Sense, Armada / Cold Harbour, Alter Ego, and Real Music.
This is only the beginning for this 19-year-old sensation. Shawn Mitiska has a strong passion for music and has the drive to follow his dreams. Don’t be surprised if you soon hear Shawn’s tracks featured on Global DJ Broadcast, A State of Trance, or being spun by famous DJs around the world.


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