Artist – Terry Grant(テリー・グラント) / USA

Terry Grant / USA

“I am constantly in awe of the ability that music has to move me. I like the idea that music,
like art in general, doesn’t have to be about anything specific; it just has to make you feel a certain way. I think that may what first attracted me to electronic music. So much of it is about mood and context rather than a specific subject. The first few records that I bought as a kid were film soundtracks, and for some reason I really connected with the instrumental scores more so than the pop tunes. I was too young to realize how or why it got to me, but it did.
I was a strange kid.”

Born and raised in Ohio, where he was nursed on a steady diet of R&B and soul records by his parents, Terry Grant developed a passion for all things rhythmic and funky. At the age of fifteen he began to play guitar, and four short years later he was earning a living touring the east coast and teaching guitar in a local music store.

At twenty-two he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to continue his career as a musician. In between stints in various rock, country, and R&B bands (and the occasional session date) he found time to learn to play the drums and bass, and to dabble at the keys. He also bought his first turntable around this time, and it would prove to be a watershed moment in his life:

“Well, actually buying the thing wasn’t any big deal (laughs), but it did allow me to discover a whole new world of music that I wasn’t finding through normal means. I thought that I’d buy a turntable and a mixer so that I could learn to scratch, and so that I could sample old records and be cool like Pete Rock. What happened is that I started buying all sorts of new records and playing them for my friends. A lot of the tunes that I was buying were the kind of stuff that you might play in a dance club. House, drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, etc. That’s how I got started. Or should I say, that’s how I got hooked.”

The year 2000 would see him embark on a new career path as a DJ. Although a fan of electronic music since childhood, he was relatively new to house and club based dance at the time. He would soon grow to not only understand and appreciate it, but also embrace it as a DJ and producer.

In 2005 he released the debut single “I’ll Kill You” on Bedrock Records. With remixes from John Debo, Luke Chable, and Terry himself, the song quickly became a dance floor sensation, garnering critical acclaim from all corners of the world. He followed it up with the beautiful “Be My Guide” on Deep Recordings, a release that included remixes by Derek Howell and the 16 Bit Lolitas. Other notable releases include the electro flavored “Komputers Are The Devil” for Bedrock, the dark and haunting “Beautiful Dirty” on Fiberline Audio; who have licensed the track to several mix comps throughout the world, and most recently the deep and brooding
“The Tie That Binds” on Baroque Limited.
In between original productions, Terry has found time to remix songs by artists such as Morgan Page, Blue Room Project and Darkarma, and for labels like Nettwerk, Blueprint Recordings, Progressive Global, and Fiberline Audio, as well as turning out the odd bootleg or two.

A strong desire to push the boundaries of what he is capable of will keep Terry moving forward into the millennium, creating and refining his art in new and exciting ways, and enjoying the journey down life’s cosmic path.

“I’m going to continue on as a DJ, a producer, and a musician, and see what the future holds.
I hope to release many more records in the next few years, maybe score a film, and then marry a supermodel. Or maybe I’ll marry a model and then score a film, I don’t know.”

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