Artist – Thomas Datt(トーマス・ダット) / US

Thomas Datt / US

数々のHIT曲を生み出し、DJ Tiesto, Paul van Dykなどとも競演。Paul van Dykのレーベルからもリリース。また、A State Of Trance (Armin van Buuren)などのリミックスも行い、海外のTOP DJ達のフェイバリットトラックの作曲者としても有名。最近ではArmin van Buurenのレーベル、Armadaでも有名な、Above & BeyondのBIG HIT曲、Good For MeをThomas Datt独自のセンスにて美しくリミックスしている

Thomas Datt has been slowly breaking through to the very forefront of the worlds trance scene for the past 3 years now. From his first remix release to his breakout hit Alone, he continues to produce an onslaught of the most emotive music going. He has done remixes for labels such as ASOT, ID&T, Vandit, Bostich and Adjusted, lending them his trademark melodic and banging trance sound.

Born in Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) Poland in 1983 and later moved to United States in 1992. Ever since Tom was 15 years old he knew he wanted to entertain and express himself in some form of techno. Mid 90s introduced him to all kinds of rave and Euro Dance electronic music as it started evolving into more and more genres. Soon after taking a little sample of each genre, he realized trance was the only thing for him. Highly inspired by the likes of PvD, Ferry Corsten, Matt Darey, and DJ Tiesto, Tom started setting up what would become his relatively basic home studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Spending a massive amount of time, he eventually learned how to use computer software and worked on his skill to get some kind of a record release. An opportunity knocked on the door when was hosting a remix competition for Solid Globe North Pole. Tom eventually became one of the 6 winners to be awarded the release of the remix on Fundamental. The rest is history.

Tom was always one for quality over quantity and whilst other trance producers belted out one sound-a-like track after another, he focused on creating a catalogue he would still be happy with in 20 years time. First single being 2v2, was fairly successful. Licensed to Monster Tunes, the Robert Nickson remix became a Tiesto favorite, which ended up on the Tiesto In Concert 2 dvd. Following the success of 2v2 came “Alone” which was recently featured on PvDs “Politics of Dancing 2” album.

Closeted in Brooklyn, Thomas took it upon himself to start taking the next logical step and to learn the art of DJ段ng. Realizing how, in the ever changing world of dance music, DJ段ng goes hand in hand with production. Thomas has been lucky enough to travel all over the States and play at different clubs and party venues. This has resulted in enthralling and winning the crowds over with his remixes, originals and exclusive edits as they witness his fluid mixing, unique style and highly energetic performance. With every new release and every new show, Thomas gains more and more fans and popularity among the trance community around the world.

Greater things are still yet to come. Stay tuned…


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