Artist – V-SAG / Greece

V-SAG / Greece

Vasilis Sagonas was born on January 28, 1983 in Larissa, Greece. Music has always been a part of his life, having formed a strong understanding and appreciation for it even as a young child. His two older sisters, also passionate towards music, nurtured his enthusiasm and influenced his tastes from an early age. While growing up, he studied the piano for nearly 6 years, which formalized his knowledge of music theory. In 1998, he purchased his first computer to start composing his own electronic music.
As a professional, Vasilis has held positions at several prominent software firms, including Greece-based FORTHnet SA. His skills with computers, coupled with his intimate knowledge of music, set him apart from many house producers. V-Sag’s productions are a beautiful weave of melodies, chords, effects, and percussion. They are each unique, and offer a truly engaging experience.

Self-taught, V-Sag has always followed his heart towards his goal to create genuine, impassioned dance music. Through years of practise, research, and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering and sound mastering techniques.

Now, V-Sag’s productions are supported by the best DJs and producers worldwide including John Digweed, Tiesto, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish, Dave Seaman, James Holden, Steve Porter, Lemon8, Markus Schultz, G-Pal, Gabriel and Dresden, Pole Folder, Sultan, Tone Depth, Perry O’ Neil to name a few, while being released by some of the most respected and forward-thinking record labels on the scene.

In 2005, V-Sag and DJ Tarkan while doing collaborative productions, became close friends, went on tours together and their friendship resulted in the NO SMOKING RECORDINGS label, which is intended to only release the highest standard of deep, tribal and progressive house music.

2006 finds V-Sag voted at the position of 110 at the DJ Mag between the best 250 DJs worldwide and in 2007 he has already released his second arist album from which two tracks was selected by Village Roadshow Films for the soundtrack of the movie “Alter Ego”.

A shy and soft-spoken person, musical production for V-Sag continues to be an outlet, a way to communicate and connect with others. His sound is reminiscent of a time when producers made music for love. His vision is to express his feelings; to make people understand his music and the way he wants to feel when he is on the dancefloor.

(biography written by Jay Dolan)


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