York – ヨーク


Withstanding the test of time, German producer York has never lost his drive. More than 20 years after he found a passion to live for, Torsten Stenzel still has the same, relentless stamina for music. As one of the first names to adopt the trance sounds, he became a pioneer in trance, known for classics such as ‘The Awakening’, ‘On The Beach’ and ‘Addicted’. But 2 decades later, the electronic spark that sets his musical heart alight, still hasn’t lost its glow.

His passion for music was awakened early in childhood, learning to play the piano at the age of 5, when he began his classical training. Classical music and theory became the most important thing in life, giving piano lessons as a private teacher and playing the church organ in his hometown for 3 years. As Torsten passed the age of 18, he discovered something completely different. It was the beat of techno and house that moved him. Little by little, he put together his own studio and started balancing his production skills with classical theory.

His first success, the 1992 track ‘N.U.K.E. – Nana’, shot straight to number one in the Dutch, Belgian and Italian charts. From there, Torsten began working with a variety of DJ’s and producers. In the early 90’s, York worked on projects such as Taucher, DJ Sakin & Friends and Suspicious, selling over 3 million records and earning 10 Gold and Platinum Awards with his sales. After nearly 50 remixes for many major artists, Torsten was voted ‘Best Remixer’ by the readers of Germany’s Raveline Magazine. But also outside of Germany, his name began to grow, culminating in releases and chart success.

Within the 20 years of his career, he’s worked with the likes of Moby, Faithless, All Saints, Chris Rea, Tina Turner, ATB, Jennifer Paige, Rick Nowels, Asheni and many more. Completing his dream, was the launch of his very own Planet Love Records. Set up in 1992, it kick-started a new era for EDM and became a realm for those in search of quality music. In November 2011, Planet Love joined forces with Armada Music, offering a great opportunity for York to enjoy a fresh start. And so he did.

York hit in with new tracks and collaborations, finally leading to the release of his ‘Islanders’ album, in September 2012. An album that shows he still holds the formula to timeless, breath-taking music, bringing out a full-colour reflection of what the lush, diverse York sound is all about. From chill-out, to ambient, to progressive and trance.

And when it comes to the ‘good old days’, York is more than happy to still be doing what he loves most. York:”I had my first release in 1989. That’s a long time. I was 18…it was a crazy journey, I lived life to the fullest and really enjoyed being part of the early childhood of Electronic Dance Music. When I listen back to for example our old ‘Paragliders’ records or DJ Taucher productions I find so many elements in tracks from today. It’s great when you listen to a new track and think: wow I used that sound 20 years ago…now everybody starts to scream in the club when they hear it. I am happy to be back and have my focus on the club music. It’s also a pleasure to see how many young talents are around and I am keeping my eyes and ears open to find them!”