For Sven Väth, initiator and musical host of the new CocoonClub, a life’s dream is being fulfilled. Based on Väth’s long-standing experience as an international guest DJ, events organizer and producer, as well as on the visionary ideas of an ambitious team consisting of the interdisciplinary designers at 3deluxe and star chef Mario Lohninger, the CocoonClub will completely re-define the benchmark for contemporary club culture in all the related disciplines.

The integrative club concept combines in a quite unprecedented way discerning clubbing events for up to 1,200 persons, pioneering cultural events in the context of electronic music, and high-quality gastronomy. Be it a classic clubber, in search of innovative music and out of the ordinary party ideas, a discriminating gourmet wishing to enjoy an exquisite dinner in extraordinary surroundings, or a guest interested in culture or design, who will appreciate the great variety of the events program and the avant-garde interior – all tastes are catered for.

In musical terms, the CocoonClub will reflect the great diversity of electronic music productions and, depending on the day of the week and the particular locality, offer a select choice of innovative Techno and House to Deephouse, New Jazz and Global Beats through to R&B, Funk and Soul.

Opened from Tuesday through Saturday, the Micro ClubRestaurant will serve not only modern, Eurasian fusion cuisine from Austrian chef Mario Lohninger’s open kitchen, but also a program of cultural events and a DJ line-up that change by the day. In addition to a variety of light dishes influenced by Asian tastes, Lohningers characteristic interpretations of traditional recipies from European countries also feature on the menu of the Micro ClubRestaurant. At present, the dynamic young chef developes completely new gourmet experiences for both restaurants of the CocoonClub, yet another example of the club’s innovative concept.

And Micro is also versatile as the evening progresses: its well thought-out, variable furnishing means that a wide variety of different activities can all co-exist harmoniously. While some guests still eat in peace and quite, a part of the restaurant is already functioning as a lounge. As the evening progresses, so the presence of musical accompaniment increases, gradually nudging the guests onto the dance floor. In a smooth transition the room turns from a atmospheric restaurant into a pulsating club with a dance floor for in excess of 100 persons.

In keeping with the dramatics of the evening, the virtual levels of the room likewise change. A room-filling matrix of threads, consisting of a regular grid of fiberglass tubes suspended from the ceiling, capture and reflect projected images. The oscillating interplay of light and color embrace the guests completely in a weave of multi-media ornamentation, generating ever-new spatial moods.

In the Silk BedRestaurant, eating and drinking is raised to the status of an artistically staged ceremony, reminiscent of Asian and Ancient eating cultures. After his apprenticeship in high class restaurants all over the world, Mario Lohninger now offers holistic multisensory experiences in his own interpretation of a modern gourmettemple. Himself a pronounced fan of electronic sounds and true aesthete, he was excited by the idea of blending experimental cuisine with an ambitious musical and architectural concept.

Before deciding to come to Frankfurt, 30 year-old Lohninger’s career has taken him to such international gourmet restaurants as ‘Obauer’ in Salzburg, ‘Tantris’ in Munich, ‘Guy Savoy’ in Paris and ‘San Domenico’ in New York. It was most recently as chef at David Bouley’s renowned New York restaurant ‘Danube’ that he developed his own unmistakable style.

On eight large reclining areas, separated from one another by semi-transparent gauze screens, visitors to the exclusive restaurant are able to lie back and enjoy Lohninger’s imaginative menu creations in a relaxed atmosphere. Iridescent light dips the room in harmonious tones, enhancing the guests’ sense of well-being. Traditional Asian and Oriental sounds meld with Western electronic Club music to spawn contemplative soundscapes, underscoring the lounge-like feel of the extraordinary restaurant.

The CocoonClub is the new hot spot in the Ostend of Frankfurt. In recent years, the essentially industrial district has become a cherished address for creative agencies, designer stores, scene bars and clubs. In the midst of port facilities and commercial operations you could now find modern architecture and future-oriented interior design.

Thanks to its striking triangular shape the U.F.O. Building, in the ground floor of which the CocoonClub extends across a total space of 2664 sq.m, stands out quite clearly against the surrounding buildings. In contrast to the strict geometry of the building, 3deluxe’s ‘genetic architecture’ on the inside seemingly unfolds in organic growth. With their typical approach to design, the Wiesbaden-based architects and designers have created a visionary space that symbiotically blends architectural elements with multimedia components.