Artist – Funk Harmony Park / Iceland

Funk Harmony Park / Iceland

アイスランド出身のプログレッシブ、テクノなどを主体としたユニット。 Hernan Cattaneoがリミックスした、Crystal Skyなどが有名。Hernan Cattaneoなども、フェイバリットトラックとしても挙げている.

“Funk Harmony Park is a collective of Icelandic based musicians and DJ´s. Over the Past few years they have built a solid reputation in Iceland as a real electronic Music band. Each of the guys having various success over the past decade as Solo artists, but now together are ready to move into the next level. Coming from Iceland, there is the immediate comparison to Gus Gus, but with that, they take it further to the dancefloor”

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